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Most of Ueslei’s work is concerned about human condition. He explores issues such as traumas, limiting beliefs and their transmutations.

Embodying assorted narratives, stacked on top of one another, Fagundes' works induce an intriguing sense of continuity. The dyed fabric of his works is often prominent, creating nuanced textures and nostalgic affects.

Cropped compositions and fading silhouettes bear witness to a ceaseless attempt to grapple with the vagueness of his memories.

Loose and sketchy brushwork also evoke the abandonment of one idea in order to make room to a brief recollection, denoting the space that his art tends to occupy.

Born in 1987 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Uéslei Fagundes is a largely self-taught artist. In early 2012, at the age of 25, he moved to Dublin in Ireland and this event, profoundly influenced his oeuvre.

He currently lives and works in Brazil





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