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Uéslei’s subject matter flirts among unsettling landscapes, figurative scenarios imbued with vulnerability and storytelling.

Oftentimes he inserts his own image into his works, rambling through places,
inviting us to journey across territories that might be mystical or mundane.
Following his researches, the paintings suggest an ever-changing world both in conception and presumption.
Inspired by childhood memories, folklore imagery and allusive periods of his
own existence, his compositions are often dreamlike, loaded with feelings and deep personal concerns.

The figures that populate Fagundes’ paintings might be either austere-looking or carrying a sumptuous imaginary identity. He usually plays with the rough boundary between failure and success.
Appropriation of imagery from internet plays a role in the process. It makes a
connection with today's immediacy, evoking notions of democratization of information and unveiling questions like social disparities and other shadowy
paradigms implicit on human society.
Through disconcerting shifts of scale, Uéslei absents the perception of time and stimulates a natural sense of intimacy, shrinking the distance between painting and the viewer.

Born in 1987 in Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil, Uéslei Fagundes is a largely self-
taught artist. In early 2012, at the age of 25, he moved to Dublin in Ireland and this event, profoundly influenced his oeuvre.

He currently lives and works in Brazil.






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