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Uéslei Fagundes
(b. 1987 - Novo Hamburgo/RS)


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Most of my work develops in the possibilities of painting and establishes a state of incessant reflection. My research moves between the individual's need for expression and belonging in a real or imaginative space, and the anguish that this process unleashes. 

Embodying assorted narratives, stacked on top of one another, the works induce an intriguing sense of continuity. They are distorted objects, disturbing landscapes or wanderers, seeking to define themselves as something or part of somewhere. 

These elements, often from different cultural contexts, play the role of documenting symbolic aspects of our perennial search for bonds.

In my latest works, I also seek to tension the dialogue between the construction of the landscape “sur le motif” and in the studio, incorporating these references in cracks within the pictorial space, which testify to the imprecision of our own memories.


In early 2012, at the age of 25, I moved to Dublin (Ireland) and this event profoundly influenced the poetics of my work.

I currently live and work in southern Brazil.



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